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With decades of island experience, you can entrust your Vancouver Island residential house inspection to the experts!


Step inside…..

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…. your new home with confidence.

Peace of mind

Beautiful home with pool

No matter how beautiful it may look on the outside, what is under wraps counts.



What you cannot see is as important as what you can. A thorough house inspection ensures those hidden factors won’t cause future concerns.

Buy for the future….your family’s future

There are so many details a licensed home inspector will check for you that you cannot verify for yourself:

      • Plumbing
      • Electrical
      • Roof
      • Attic (is there asbestos?)
        • What about other unwelcome visitors?
      • HVAC
      • Fencing, pathways, decks
      • Appliances
      • Mold

  • Have any upgrades been done?
  • Were they permitted & inspected?



Ask about our warranty

Our inspectors will explain to you the advantages of booking your inspection through us. The peace of mind that comes with having a Home Systems Warranty will remove many of the concerns that come with the purchase of a new and unknown piece of real estate.

Buying a Condo?

If you are buying a condo, the qualifications of your inspector are even more important. The strata document review is key to determining if you should proceed with your purchase.

Is your chosen house inspector knowledgeable enough to review the strata documents and interpret them and the Depreciation Report?

Is the inspector capable of reading that report and looking at the building to determine if the report is an accurate representation of the building’s future needs?

Is the contingency fund and the strata fee structure adequate to meet those future needs?  Low strata fees are not necessarily a good thing!

A background in construction is not sufficient, but many inspectors have little more, even after passing all the exams.

The Province of BC requires inspectors to have a minimum qualification but the advanced qualifications of our inspectors far exceed the minimum Provincial requirements and makes them well qualified to do a complete and comprehensive inspection of the house or condo you hope to call home in a month or two!

Call now for a preliminary discussion and to make an appointment for your home inspection.

Are you purchasing a new build and think you do not need an independent inspection?  You do!  Think of it as getting a second opinion after a serious illness diagnosis! Would you purchase a new car without a test drive?

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