What is a Home Inspection?


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What is a Home Inspection?

Conducted by a qualified and licensed home inspector, it is a detailed and in-depth assessment of the home. Most people believe that having a home inspection before making the final decision to complete the purchase of their home helped them to avoid potential issues with their home. The home inspection is a visual inspection of the performance of your home.

Your inspector will provide you with a contract of what to expect before the inspection commences, and you will receive a written report afterwards. You can use this information to make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase price of the home for sale. The findings may enable you to further negotiate the price, or it may even give you information to determine if in fact you should walk away from the deal.

The money you spend on a thorough and professional inspection could save you a lifetime of regret.

Should you be present for the inspection?

Buying a home is probably the largest purchase of your life. Even if you are an ‘experienced” home buyer, remember that your Home Inspector has even more experience.

With so much at stake, you should be present at the inspection. You do have the right, but there are more benefits. The home inspector can point out certain things about the house and you can become educated about the property that you are buying. Talk to your home inspector about being present – with Covid-19, there might be some issues, but there are ways of dealing with those.



Book your house inspection today with the best home inspectors on Vancouver Island,  and buy with peace of mind.


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How well prepared are you for an earthquake or other calamity – or another pandemic?


Covid-19 was a real wake-up call and many learned how important a well stocked pantry could be. However an earthquake is different again and since we live in an earthquake zone on the West Coast there is much we can do to be prepared.

Visit the Canadian Government website for more information of what to do to prepare for these sorts of emergencies.

Take the time now to talk to your family and plan and prepare for what we hope will never happen, but which could do so without warning. Plan and prepare, not panic.

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